Specialty Show

A Specialty is a dog show for one particular breed or type of dog. In our case, the DDTCC’s Specialty show – a show only for Dandie Dinmont – is biennial. We hold it every other year because, despite our enthusiasm, we are a small club with limited resources. We prefer to have an outstanding Specialty on each “even “ year rather than a modest show annually.

The Specialty can be held independently, or more often, in conjunction with an All Breed dog show.

The judges for the Specialty are breed experts, often from Britain, the original home of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier. The club has an array of impressive silver trophies for the top winners, and each and every exhibitor traditionally is given a “goody bag”, filled with useful, unique or pleasing items.

  • 2nd Specialty, held in 1976
  • 2006 Specialty
  • Specialty exhibitors held at PawsWay in 2014
  • 2018 Specialty

If you’d like to know when our next Specialty is being held, we update any upcoming events here.

Check out our past Specialty winners!

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