Past Events

Highland Games

For 25 years, the DDTCC organized and hosted a Scottish Dog Show, held in conjunction with the Highlands of Durham Games, in beautiful Elgin Park, in Uxbridge, Ontario.

The Scottish Dog show was an exhibition of the thirteen Scottish breeds of dogs. It included a “Breeders Village”, a chance for the public to meet the breeds and their owners in a relaxed setting.

The Dandie Dinmonts could be found in the club’s unique “Cuddling Parlour” which gave people an opportunity to meet, hold and cuddle a Dandie, proving that they are calmer and more lovable than many other breeds.

A Scottish Festival, similar to the Highlands of Durham Games is being resurrected in 2023.

  • Cuddling Parlour
  • Cuddling Parlour
  • Scottish Dog Show
  • Boy rubbing Dandies belly
  • Dandie sleeping like a baby

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