DDTCC Boosters

A booster show is a dog show, held with an All-Breed dog show, where the DDTCC promises to “boost” or increase the number of Dandies entered. Usually there are excellent prizes for the winners of a booster. Often a booster is held on the same weekend as the DDTCC Specialty, to encourage the exhibitors to support the All Breed show and give their dogs a “rehearsal” for the main event.

The DDTCC usually holds one or two boosters each year, mostly in Ontario where the majority of Dandies in Canada are situated. However, in 1998 the DDTCC held its first Western booster in Edmonton, Alberta. The Best of Breed trophy, a sculpture of a Dandie was created by club member and sculptor of renown, Barbara Paterson. A judge on the panel, Dorothy Welsh, the guiding light behind the nascent Dog Museum of America, saw and admired the work and commissioned Paterson to create another one specifically for the Museum.

Western Booster

Some time after the show, the DDTCC’s Alberta director, Dr. John Paterson, who organized the booster (top row 2nd from right) is given a surprise birthday party by his colleagues and was presented with the following photograph.

Western Booster with everyone's face edited to look like a Dandie

If you’re interested in attending our next Booster, we’ll keep you up to date on our upcoming events.

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